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ChatGPT for persona design

While ChatGPT is not a substitute for talking to real users, it is useful for getting a foundational understanding of users and their needs and could be leveraged to development research recruitment screeners.

Blog posts

No, we're not all the same: Running a design thinking workshop in Norway

People tend to assume that people are similar to us, even cross culturally. When I ran my first international Design Thinking workshop, almost every assumption I had about how to run a workshop.

Reinforcement learning for UX designers

If you are from a social science research background, you might be surprised to find out how much machine learning has in common with BF Skinner's work! This article is an introduction to a type of machine learning.


Building stronger teams through feedback that works

Giving and receiving feedback gracefully, can be challenging. Drawing on Applied Behavior Analysis, I suggest an effective framework for improving challenging conversations.

5 things for user experience designers to know about data science

How AI/ML can help solve your customer's biggest pain points. In UX Design Thinking Workshops, we often ask people to "pretend it's magic" to get them to consider all possibilities. In many ways, we now are in this magical world where previously unsolvable problems may have solutions.

9 reasons to develop your storytelling skills as a UX designer or researcher

Storytelling and the power of narrative can build shared understanding and empathy, and facilitate better collaboration. As UX professionals, we should learn to become powerful story tellers.

Do you know your users? Persona based design for the enterprise

Persona based design can help ensure designs are grounded in real life users and create talking points for conversations.

Speaking engagements (IT)

Prior to Covid, I had many opportunities to speak about IT to customers and at conferences. 


2019 - Intelligent Swarming for the Service Desk

Presented at the Helix Immersion Days Conference in Las Vegas, NV

2018 Bees Do It: Intelligent Swarming for the Enterprise

Presented at the Syscom Connect Conference in Oslo, Norway.

2018 - Innovations in Service Desk Collaboration

Presented at the Service Management and Automation Conference in Las Vegas, NV

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