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kayla block, m.a.

  • 15+ years of experience as a UX product design and research leader. I love complex domains and hairy problems! 

  • Built teams and orgs from the ground up and worked within large teams.

  • Proven track record of process improvement to create high performing teams. 



incident correlation

ML design and research - surfacing patterns in the data

proactive problem management

design & research of an ML feature with data visualization

change calendar

research and design of a complex calendar

asset management

field and remote discovry research analysis

live chat

designing a complex interface to facilitate multi-tasking



Brian Califano

Kayla is an extremely valuable team member in that she possesses deep knowledge in both the practice of product design/user experience/research as well as subject matter expertise in terms of our customer use cases and understanding the characteristics and behaviors that impact their experience with our products.

She's also very supportive in helping others on the team and is thoughtful about aspects beyond design, including cross-functional collaboration, quality, and design operations and culture. 

Kayla always seems to be aware and knowledgeable about new trends and technologies and provides thought-leadership to the team in green-field areas.

I appreciate and value the opportunity I have to work with Kayla on a regular basis. 

Jon H.

As a Product Manager I always enjoy working with Kayla. Kayla is an intelligent, thoughtful designer, excellent at talking with customers, with a strong personal philosophy about product and interaction design which translates into her output and expectation for our products.

Harshad B.

Kayla Block is an amazing UX partner on AI Service Management and in general on the ITSM area. She has delivered excellent outcomes be it in terms of mockups, detailed and incisive customer research, design best practices as well as correctly pivoting us in the right area in terms of roadmap and strategy. She has the ability to work with talent from diverse backgrounds in tackling complex challenges. I have seen her experimenting with new design approaches that are relevant and are a value addition to our clients. She has the right-mix of systems thinking, design capabilities & innovation-centric or solution-driven approach. I believe her assets are her strong skills in communicating design concepts through prototypes, storyboards, sketches, and other forms of visualization.

beyond the resume.

I write, do public speaking,  (and sometimes make videos!) about UX and technology


I make the complex, simple. I work to ensure that everyone on a project understands each other's perspectives and goals.


I seek to empower my team to reach their full potential and achieve their goals by making sure my team members are heard, valued, and respected. 

I'm a technophile and am so excited to have the opportunities to use AI/ML as a force for good in people's lives.

I love smooth processes that help people have a shared understanding, visibility into deadlines, and great collaboration. 

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